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Alooni Irani Air Cooler 1435 Turbo Heavy Duty

Alooni Irani Air Cooler 1435 Turbo Heavy Duty

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Propeller: Due to the integrality of the propeller and its balancing by fully automatic devices, it prevents the vibration of the propeller and noise during operation, as a result, the life of the bearings and the cooler is very long.

Blanket: For better air flow and water evaporation, the blankets are spread with the same thickness on all surfaces and sewn with automatic machines, for this reason, it prevents dust from entering the room and gives you cool and comfortable air. slow

Plastic pocket holder: As the first manufacturer, Aloonil has designed and manufactured a plastic pocket holder, which, in addition to ease of installation, has eliminated the possible risk of injury to the service worker’s hand.

Body: The body and metal parts of Alooni Air coolers are made of galvanized sheet and covered with a thick layer of powder paint. As a result, it is very resistant to rust and has beauty, durability and a very long life.

New water supply system: Alooni coolers are equipped with a new water supply system designed by Alooni experts. This system distributes the water evenly on the covers in a way that increases the cooling efficiency of the cooler and prevents water from spilling on the electric motor, as a result of which there is no possibility of its burning.


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