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EastCool Refregerator 3 Cubic TM-952

EastCool Refregerator 3 Cubic TM-952

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Description: The Eastcool Bedroom Refrigerator Non Inverter Model TM-342-05 is a single-door refrigerator designed for low energy consumption. It features different decorative colors and a fruit drawer, making it a stylish and practical addition to your bedroom.




Energy Efficiency: Consumes less energy while maintaining optimal performance.

Decorative Colors: Comes in different decorative colors to match your room decor.

Fruit Drawer: Provides a dedicated space for storing fruits.

Adjusting Legs: Allows for easy leveling and stability.



Brand Name: Eastcool

Model Name: TM-342-05

Type: Bedroom Refrigerator Non Inverter

Capacity: 3 ft Refrigerator

Energy Consumption: Low

Decorative Colors: Different

Fruit Drawer: Yes

Adjusting Legs: Yes

Lamp: Curved Door

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