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National Electric Water Cooler 100 litre Steel body & Tank

National Electric Water Cooler 100 litre Steel body & Tank

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CabinetMade of stainless steel sheets. Drain pot made of hard plastic or GI sheet.

Refrigeration SystemFitted with world-renowned, high-starting torque, High-temperature compressors. The condenser and fan are slightly oversized to ensure efficient working in high temperatures. Copper cooling coil metal bonded to outside of water tank. The whole system is hermetically sealed with R-134 as a refrigerant.

• Water SystemAll copper, brass, and stainless steel water system. The water tank is made of stainless steel.

Insulation Moisture-proof and highly effective polystyrene insulation.

• ThermostatHigh-quality water temperature control thermostat, adjustable from 9Cto 15C(48F to 60F)

Voltage Rating Twin pilot lights to indicate power supply and compressor operation.

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